Monday, January 7, 2013

fresh from your kitchen: tea for two under-eye relief

Do you sometimes look in the mirror and wonder how to make those tired eyes look ah-mazing without piling on tons of concealer or makeup? While nothing replaces a great night of sleep, there are a few tips and quick recipe you can whip up to combat under eye issues when you may not look (or feel) 100%
TEA for TWO Under Eye Relief
this may just be our simplest Fresh from your Kitchen recipe yet! 

2 organic green tea bags
boiling water

~brew 2 cups of organic green tea, reserve the wet bags and let cool slightly, so they are still warm to the touch.
~lie down and close your eyes. Apply the wet bags to your under eye area. Rest for 10 minutes (or as long as you can!)
~enjoy that warm cup of delicious green tea.

what it does...
the caffeine in the green tea helps constrict pores and eliminate fluid waste and detox your skin. Green tea is also rich in powerful polyphenol antioxidants.

TIP #1
If you have problems with dark circles under your eyes, try including more bananas in your diet. Eat one each morning with breakfast and see if you notice those raccoon eyes diminishing after a few weeks. The potassium in the bananas is thought to help restore water balance in the skin aiding in combating puffiness and dark circles.

TIP# 2
Vine Eyes by The Grapeseed Co.
keep two teaspoons chillin' in your fridge. When you wake up with super puffy, swollen eyes, combat those under eye bags by applying the two spoons over your eyes for a few minutes. Follow with our green tea bags recipe and apply a healthy dose of Vine Eyes ant~aging cream with eyebright to moisturize and protect the delicate skin around your eyes and minimize wrinkles.


  1. I agree with your fact, but it takes much time to show results.

  2. Organic ways needs to wait for some long time, no doubt but it gives the best results for long time. So we have to wait...


  3. I really hate the dark circles under my eyes and really love organic tea. I have never thought about doing this so will be giving it a try right away. I usually use an eye roll on stick but this doesn't seem to work. Thanks for the unique advice.