Thursday, January 10, 2013

Featured Retailer: Oreana Winery

We continue our spotlight on The Grapeseed Company's wholesale partners... We're kicking off the year with a "Cheers" to Oreana Winery & Tasting Room.  Oreana is a valued wholesale partner who has been with us from the beginning and is also one of our neighbors here in Santa Barbara. If you get an opportunity to wine taste while you're in town, you must visit Oreana!  They have a great indoor/outdoor tasting room located in the heart of the Santa Barbara's Urban Wine Trail (aka Funk Zone).  Tasting Room Manager, Kimberlee McCoy, explains the uniqueness of this fabulous winery...

1.  Tell us about your Winery?
The old Bob Woolever’s Tire Shop was vacant and abandoned, looking like a scar in the downtown “Funk Zone.” Christian Garvin swung by one night on the way to dinner and thought the space looked mighty enticing.  The tire shop had some great winemaking attributes including lots of electric power, concrete floors and a brick structure that is ideal for climate control and barrel storage.

Nearly eight years later, the winery is known for two things – great wines and fabulous parties.  From small batches of Pinot Noir to our sizable Red Table Wine, Oreana has a wine for everyone.  Current production is about 10,000 cases.

Stop by for wine tasting, wine by the glass, and music on the patio on the weekends! Bring your friends and family and have a good time! 
2. What makes your Winery unique/different? 
Where to begin… We are never too busy to have a good time and all that time spent listening to the grape press and waiting for wine to age gives us lots of opportunities to come up with weird ideas for parties. Previous celebrations have included: Cinema in the Cellar featuring Jaws & King Kong, an Evening of Sea Shanty talent show, The Beaver Moon Harvest Party, the annual RocktoberFest concert series, Wieners & Wine Hot Dog extravaganza, and one time a guy just played the bagpipes. It was standing room only…

We are also available for private events.  Please contact Christina at 805-962-5857 x2 or to book your event.
3. How have you taken initiative to become a greener business?
 Stating the obvious first, we recycle all corks and bottles as we pour through them.  Also, we use empty bottles and corks for new products.  In our tasting room we sell cork boards and candles that are made out of our wine bottles. On sunny days, we keep the big doors open for light to save electricity.

4.  What is your best selling Grapeseed product? 
The Surf Body Lotion 4oz. is our best selling Grapeseed product.  It is a great scent for men and women.  The 4oz. bottle is perfect for traveling and we see a lot of out-of-towners in our tasting room.  The lotion works well and makes skin feel moisturized and soft.

5.  What is your personal favorite Grapeseed product? 
My favorite Grapeseed product is the seasonal lip balm.  It comes in great flavors and is very soothing for chapped lips.  I especially like the sunshine day scent, however, all of them are delightful. 

Visit Oreana Winery! 
205 Anacapa St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

open: Monday - Thursday 11am - 5pm
Friday - Sunday 11am - 6pm 
Twitter: @OreanaWinery

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