Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We'll bring the shop to you!

The Grapeseed Company introduced at-home parties this holiday season (check out our blog post here), and we also began "at-business" parties too... 
 (photo taken at Summerland Winery)

We were recently welcomed by local tasting rooms Au Bon Climat and Summerland Winery, where we did mini spa treatments and sampled out various items from our skin care line.  Customers and staff members were educated on organic skin care and the benefits of grapeseeds.  These promos also make it possible to purchase The Grapeseed Company products on site, as we are equipped with inventory and a satellite register.  

This is a great event for businesses as it draws people in for a "spa night."  Customers enjoy products from The Grapeseed Company and products from the hosting business! It's a fun and social way to shop for the holiday season!

If your business is interested in having an event with The Grapeseed Company, contact us for more information.  
email: rachel(at)thegrapeseedcompany(dot)com
or call: 805-456-3655


  1. This is a fantastic addition, Kristin. Congratulations! One day, I will return to visit Santa Barbara and I'll schedule a party in my hotel room :)

    1. Thanks dM! Rachel has a great set-up and brings mini-spa treatments to your biz or your friends, it's super fun!

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  3. This is a great idea. I would rather choose a room full of wines. I wanted to enjoy wine as possible as i could imagine. Encourage my creativity and making wines.

  4. Good idea. But wine is more pleasant for me.