Thursday, November 29, 2012

Featured Retailer: Soaps by Nature

Just in time for the holiday shopping season we're proudly featuring Soaps by Nature.  Soaps by Nature is an online retail company that specializes in high quality, hand crafted skincare.  They have been wholesale partners with The Grapeseed Company for many years, but they also carry a number of other natural & organic products.  This is one online retail store that you should surely check out!  Owner  Mary Hemminger shared some information about what makes Soaps by Nature unique..

1. Tell us about your business...
 Soaps by Nature is an online retail company offering a carefully curated selection of artisan-crafted soaps, skincare, shampoo and mineral makeup. With the variety available at our site, customers can dabble with one or two items, or create a very unique gift set around a theme, such as a love for Vanilla!
2. What makes your business unique/different?
Our focus on artisan, handcrafted “well-kept-secret” products is unique among online bath and body products retailers. We proudly bring visibility to companies, whose products are known primarily within their local / regional market areas.
From a customer standpoint, this means access to unique products they might not otherwise know about, with the convenience of shopping at one website. In addition to product variety, customers benefit from easier product comparison and lower shipping costs vs. purchasing from many separate websites.
We hand package every order with care, honoring the artisan quality of the products within. Each order comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. How have you taken initiative to become a greener business?
We choose to work with companies whose practices and philosophies are environmentally aware. In general, their product ingredients and packaging are much simpler and greener than national brands. We routinely use recycled bags and packaging for our orders.
4. What is your best selling Grapeseed product?
The Chamomile Grapefruit Facial Moisturizer gets great reviews, and has become a customer favorite!

 5. What is your personal favorite Grapeseed product?
Vanilla Almond Cinnamon Sugar Scrub! I’m a scrub fan in general, both for body care in the shower hand care at the sink. The scent of this scrub makes it a real treat, and my skin loves the high-quality ingredients.
Soaps by Nature
Handcrafted Skincare Emporium
Rise Above the Routine!

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  1. Go Soaps by Nature! I've never tried Kristin's Vanilla Almond Cinnamon, but the Lemon Cake line is divine. Get some of that, if you haven't already. Customers will be licking their fingers! Happy Holidays!