Wednesday, August 10, 2011

fresh from your kitchen: solar infused rose water toner

Last month we shared a fun summertime DIY skin care recipe to get your bod in shape for the beach. This month we have a great, simple refreshing skin treat to beat the dog days of heat that often come with August. Check out the cooling tip at the end; it's heaven on a hot day!
Solar Infused Rose Water Toner
You've heard of making sun tea, right? This is a fun spin on that concept.

8oz distilled water
2oz rose petals
(you can use fresh or dried)

other tools you will need handy:
glass canning jar
tea strainer
spray bottle

Combine the 2 ingredients in the glass jar. Make in the morning and place the jar in direct sun for 6-8 hours. Transfer contents of jar to spray bottle with the use of a funnel and small tea strainer, catching all the rose petal particles as you pour to the bottle. Add spray top, and chill in the fridge.

what it does for your skin...
Rose is a natural emollient and fabulous for toning and balancing the complexion. Spritz on your skin throughout the day to tone, cool, condition and refresh. You may even substitute this for a light moisturizer if it's especially hot and sticky out!

Learn more about the history and benefits of roses in skin care here.
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  1. I have used Rose water before and this something new to test, thanks for this great DIY for natural skin care.

  2. thats the good thing to become fresh during work..

  3. the rose water really works it makes you feel freash
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