Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the grapeseed glow: a spa quality organic facial for $16!

I would love to go to the spa for a facial monthly... however, reality is I do not have the time (or money) for this relaxing indulgence :) No worries, I do have the time and budget to get the same glowing results on my skin at home, using The Grapeseed Co. custom vinotherapy masks. These amazing masks are anti-aging facial mask and exfoliant treatments wrapped in one. Just mix and apply the mask following the instructions for your skin type, using a liquid mixer you will be able to find in your own kitchen (like organic milk, water or green tea.) Kick back and relax with a good book, magazine or closed lids for 15-20 minutes. When you are ready to rinse the mask, wet your hands with warm water and gently rub into your skin, working from the neck up in gentle, circular motions. Rinse. The grapeseeds, clays and other botanicals will buff & finish your facial treatment by exfoliating dead skin cells, renewing the surface of your skin. Apply your favorite moisturizer after like rose & grape serum or 100% pure lavender infused grapeseed oil and discover your grapeseed glow!
The custom vinotherapy masks are available in coco cabernet, vineyard rose, or a create your own custom mask. All contain 100% natural ingredients and are made with certified organic botanicals and local Santa Barbara grapeseeds, rich in resveratrol- a potent anti~aging antioxidant. Check out our custom vinotherapy mask starter kit for just $16 to do this treatment at home. We also offer a cute to-go mask box that makes a perfect gift, and a large 16oz size for regular treatments. Our custom vinotherapy masks have been written up in The LA Times and are used at some of the most exclusive spas around the globe!
Order any of our Custom Vinotherapy Masks now through the end of July and receive 3 free samples of our facial moisturizers for use after your treatment!
enter code: vinofacial at checkout
valid through July 31, 2011

cheers & enjoy!


  1. Hey I am a guy so sometimes I don't/can't get into things like facials as it is just too girly, I couldn't look my guy friends in the face if I ever got one! Blame that on society! Anyways I do think about health on all fronts including skin health I usually like natural remedies though I often turn to vitamins and supplements, are these natural and healthy? Like I take vitamin D for skin health, here's an article on it Do you guys know any alternatives that are manly and natural at the same time? Or am I on the right track with vitamins?

  2. Thanks, I wish to try it once.