Monday, December 6, 2010

personalized gift idea from the self scent bar

A friend and I were talking this weekend and she said to me, "I know exactly what I'm getting my hard to gift people this year!" Being that I have a few of those on my list too, I was eager to hear what it was she was planning on giving them... I asked, "What's your great idea?!"
She replied, "I'm going to make custom lotions and soaps at your store with the person's name on the label and favorite fragrance!"

What an awesome and thoughtful gift! I went into the store the next morning and decided I'd take her idea and make each of my nieces and nephews their own signature hand & body wash.
 I gave each one a fun adjective in their personalized product name and blended a custom scent for each of their soaps based on flavors they love like vanilla, coconut, raspberry and lemon.
I finished each bottle off with a fun mesh sponge. What a neat, custom gift, and so easy to do at the self scent bar in our Santa Barbara store or our virtual scent bar online!


  1. Love this idea. Your store looks fantastic. I want to move in.

  2. thanks dM. I'm excited to give them to the kids, my 9 year old nephew visited us for a week this summer while we were setting up the store. He's still is telling people his favorite thing to do in Santa Barbara is make soap!