Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's new at the store?

We've had a great month+ now of being open in our new location on Carrillo and De La Vina Streets in downtown Santa Barbara. Thanks to so many of our long time customers that have come in to visit us in person! We've been psyched to meet many of you that have come from the LA area, Santa Ynez, North of Santa Barbara, and of course, our local customers!
our new blending bar
The self scent bar has been so popular that we decided push the tables aside and add a true bar to the mixing station at the back of the store. You can blend your own signature scent with the help of our knowledgeable staff and concoct your own bath & massage oil, lotion or hand & body wash. We now have over 50 different essential oils, phthalate free fragrance oils and flavor oils at the bar for you to mix into your own signature scent! Our scent bar and class area transforms into our packing station each morning. Wholesale and online retail orders are boxed up, weighed and head out the doors via USPS or FedEx. Blending retail into our existing wholesale and online biz has been a great experience overall. We're enjoying our larger production space and are capable of handling even bigger orders to meet your growing needs!

What's in store?
As I mentioned, the self scent bar has been a hit! So many customers have asked if they can purchase the scents from the bar that we've decided to start selling pure essential oils. Our oils will be packaged in our signature cobalt blue glass bottles. We buy these oils in large quantities for use in our product lines, and will therefore be able to pass the savings on to you! In addition, we're doubling the bottle size that you usually get for EOs (ours are 10 ml, not 5ml) so you'll get even more for your money. Look for our most popular essential oils and fragrance oils available for purchase in the next few weeks. We're also in the process of building a "virtual self scent bar" on our website where you can customize your own fragrance in our lotion, massage oil or body wash!
Upcoming classes: Create your own perfume! Join us Sat. 11/13/10 at 4PM for a fun filled class where you will learn about and blend your own signature scent. Take home 2 full size products that you create: a beautiful cobalt glass roller perfume and bath & massage oil. Refreshments and yummy beverages will be served after class.  

Reserve your spot by purchasing online. Limited space available; only your purchase reserves a spot in this class. Register here

if you're ever in Santa Barbara, come visit us! 
201 West Carrillo St (at DelaVina St) 
Santa Barbara CA 93101 


  1. Love it! When I come to Santa Barbara, I'm going to deplane and walk to The Grapeseed Company. I will crawl if I have to.

  2. haha- you can sniff your way there :) I'm loving all this scent blending; I'd do it all day if I didn't have to run a business!

  3. This looks so incredible! You are doing such a wonderful job sweet greenie girl! I can't wait till "someday" when i can see this :D