Friday, October 22, 2010

New Release: essential oils & fragrance oils

essential oils | premium essential oils steam distilled from plants, flowers and fruits.
Pure, natural fragrance.

fragrance oils | phthalate free fragrance oils available in a wide variety of scents.
We don't use FOs in our signature scent blends, but so many of you asked for these we've made them available

We've grown the Grapeseed Co. over the past 6 years by listening to customer requests and making them happen if enough of you are interested. One of the best parts about our new store is that I get to hear what our customers want every day! After about the 10th person asked one of us if they could buy the essential oils and fragrance oils at the self scent bar, we decided to make it happen. You can now purchase our steam distilled essential oils and phthalate free fragrance oils both in the store and online. You asked, we listened. Plus, the display is a cute addition to the store, don't you think?

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