Thursday, August 12, 2010

green DIY project: new life for lamp shades

As I've mentioned, we're in the process of opening the first Grapeseed Company store in downtown Santa Barbara! My sister-in-law, Maria, came out to visit this past weekend from and help out. Maria has the amazing (and rare) background of being an engineer with an MBA who is super creative, loves craft projects and to top it off, is a mom of 4. She was full of great ideas and helpful advice with setting up the store.

I needed to do something about the three cool chandeliers with gross, old stained lampshades hanging above our heads. I priced out replacing the shades and that was a bit too expensive for the custom size, so we sought out alternative options! I managed to save some major $green$ with this simple DIY project by recovering the 12 old shades on the funky chandeliers. We brainstormed ideas for little girl birthday, bachelorette and other parties and classes that will start up this September while doing this fun, easy project. I love they results, and you can't beat the cost was only $25!!

side note: I own the items below with *, it will cost a bit more if you need to pick up the rotary cutter supplies.

you'll need:
~decorative paper, rice paper or some pretty handmade paper (try a craft or fine paper store)
~rotary cutter*, board* and large ruler*
~measuring tape*
~spray adhesive
~tacky glue
~ribbon or some type of edging material (we used raffia)
~old lampshade(s)

First, we removed the stained rippled sheer overlay fabric, stripping the shade down to liner and frame.

Then we measured the width and circumference of the shades and cut 12 pieces of paper to the exact shad size. Then, we lightly spayed sections of the shade frame with spray adhesive, and laid paper down in small sections, trying to prevent wrinkles. Luckily I chose a pattern that worked well with a few wrinkles since this was our first attempt at this project!

Next, we applied raffia edging with tacky glue to the bottom and top of the shade to give it a finished, natural look.

After the shades were dry, I hopped on a ladder and popped the new shades into place! I love how they tie together with the wood floor refinish and the bamboo display wall while giving a pop of color.

We're just getting started with the displays, which is the fun part! More pics of the store are coming soon, Join us on twitter @grapeseedco or facebook/thegrapeseedcompany to follow updates. We're gearing up to open our doors... our Grand Opening party will be Sat. 8/28/10 at 201 West Carrillo Street in downtown Santa Barbara. Hope to see you there!

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