Friday, July 2, 2010

July promo: mas mojitos por favor!

nothing says summer like the 
crisp, refreshing scent of mojito
MOJITO MAN PROMO | get a free 2 oz moisture mist 
with your purchase of any products from the mojito man line!  

the mojito man story...
I created mojito man in July, 4 years ago for Pete's birthday. I was just getting into wholesaling my products, and moving away from arts & craft shows. I kept trying to get Pete to help out with sales since I thought he'd be a real asset to our business in that arena. He kept saying, "I can't sell girly products..." So, I went to work making some manly products, and the crisp scent of minty-lime mojito man was born!

Have a happy and safe holiday weekend. Enjoy the sun, fun and maybe even some mojitos?!


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