Monday, June 28, 2010

coming soon...the grapeseed company store!

Hey there, sorry things have been a bit quiet here the past week. We've been in the process of finalizing some big changes for The Grapeseed Co... We're moving and opening a retail space is downtown Santa Barbara! I am thrilled about expanding and see all the great plans we've been putting together for months coming alive.

We're moving to 201 W Carrillo Street. Santa Barbara locals,  it's where Quantum & Mondial used to be located. We'll be moving our production to this new spot as well, and starting some great monthly events, classes, parties and more in the store! We'll spend the month of July building-out the production kitchen and setting up the retail and class areas. We have a parking lot right in front, and Mel's bar will be re-opening a much swankier looking location right next door!

We have a lot of work ahead, starting with painting and routing plumbing to our production area. I'll make sure to document this journey well and share the transformation with you all!



  1. Very exciting news! First Santa Wayland, Massachusetts!

  2. yay! A store should be easy to transform after the boat and the house :)

  3. This is so so SO exciting! I can't wait to follow the progress. I wish I could visit sometime and attend a party and see the great space. Maybe some day. Meanwhile, I am celebrating with you and waiting for more photos and excitement. Congratulations!

  4. congratulations! very exciting...

  5. thanks dM and Mark! We are pretty psyched- the space, layout, location everything is just opening up so many great possibilities for our business!

  6. That is terrific...I am excited for you! I love seeing other Indies grow into such independence.