Wednesday, May 12, 2010

how to look fab on little shut eye

In an ideal world, we'd all be logging 8 blissful hours in la-la land every night. In the real world, we're students, travelers, parents, entrepreneurs, business men and women, friends, family and oh so much more. Sometimes these things prevent that ideal, uninterrupted pillow time we only dream about! Here are five quick tips to fake it 'til ya make it... 
and best wishes for a long and restful night sleep; that combined with these tips will make you look smokin'! 

1. melt the bags!
Keep 2 spoons in your freezer. Lie down. Place 1 spoon, cup side down, on each eye and relax for a few minutes. This will help reduce puffiness.

2. eye cream. the savior product for anyone 30+
I just turned 34 a few weeks ago. I spent age 32-34 developing and launching our Vine Eyes anti-aging eye cream with eyebright. The unscented, 80% organic formula is rich in antioxidants that plump and smooth the delicate skin around your eyes. Nourish, then conceal (see #3).

3. hey dracula, my circles got yours- hands down!
The dreaded dark circles. The #1 complaint both men and women had for issues around their eyes when we surveyed on our facebook page and twitter a few months back. I have discovered the miracle cure ladies and gents, it's a yellow toned mineral makeup/concealer. Yes I said gents. Blended correctly, you too can pull it off. Most mineral makeup companies make one, my favorite is Bare Minerals Well-Rested. The key is the yellow tone neutralizes the bluish purple and the proper application brush. Blend gently, blend well.

4. a brush o'bronze
Yep, the sun-kissed glow perks up your tired, sallow, "my baby was screaming all night and we're ferbering" look all my friends have been talking about. Get a quality mineral based bronzer and brush all over your complexion for an instant perk me up. Guys, what I said in #3 applies here too many brands make a matte version, no shine or makeup-y glow. (side note: I really can't believe I'm suggesting man makeup, but desperate times call for desperate measures)

5. coffee
How could I leave out the obvious essential?


  1. I love these suggestions, The bronzer do you just use it on your cheeks or all over your face

  2. I do a light dusting over my entire face concentrating on cheekbones with light sweep on forehead, nose & chin. The key is to pick the right shade so that it complements your natural skin tone, and doesn't look fake.