Thursday, April 22, 2010

things we do everyday to celebrate & respect the earth

Happy Earth Day! 
 Wow, today marks 40 years since we've been acknowledging and celebrating this day, amazing. We're sharing with you 10 things we do every day at The Grapeseed Co. with the earth in mind. Because our company was founded with a focus to tread lightly on the earth, we don't broadcast some of these things because it's just how we operate.
 1. The base ingredient of our entire Grapeseed Co. line is made from a local byproduct, grape seeds.

 2. All of our formulations for Grapeseed Co. & Dirty Dog Organics contain the finest quality expeller pressed and steam distilled natural oils. Never phthalates, synthetic fragrances, parabens or sulfates. There's a big difference in quality between naturally pressed and distilled oils and chemically solvent extracted oils!

3. We locally source many ingredients like grape seeds, honey and olive oil.

4. We grow our own organic lavender and mint.

5. All packaging can be recycled and the beautiful cobalt PET plastic or glass help to preserve the product by blocking the contents from light.

6. We offer a refill program for glass soy candle containers that are returned to us and even give you a 15% discount for doing so!

7. Our shipping materials are either recycled or made from post consumer materials. This includes shipping boxes, our beautiful packing tissue (100% post consumer!), and the peanuts we reuse from ingredient shipments.

8. Our office systems and order processing system are paper free.

9. Abbie, our awesome production assistant, makes sure nothing goes to waste. This girl's got an eco-friendly solution for everything whether it's the last bit of product remaining in our filling machine or a slightly imperfect bar or soap.

10. I'm lucky enough to live in downtown Santa Barbara, not too far from The Grapeseed Co. office. I've made a commitment to walk or bike to work whenever possible. I've even outfitted my bike with a handy removable basket so carrying lunch, herbs and my laptop doesn't become an excuse to hop in the car!

What do you do daily to tread lighter on our planet? 
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