Saturday, April 24, 2010

reader tips & every day is earth day winner

We asked our readers to share tips on how to respect the earth everyday. Here are their fabulous responses. 
Feel free to comment with your own!

"Use the rain that falls naturally from the sky to water your gardens instead of sending it down the sewers and into the streets"

"I keep 2 reusable bags in my purse, that way I absolutely never leave home without them!" 

"#1 - We keep a number of reusable bags in each vehicle so that we're never without.
#2 - We recycle our kitty's water into the bird bath."

"Dispose old medications responsibly. Here are guidelines:" 
Reena Kazmann 

"Since we bring reusable bags with us to the store and don't have many plastic bags around the house anymore (thank goodness), I reuse produce bags and the bags our newspaper is delivered in for Mabel's daily constitutionals."
Katie L.

"Women could choose to use a menstrual cup ( and a washable pantiliner ( instead of tampons and pads. Think of the paper usage, and saving that from the landfills! Also, think about the dioxin that will not be entered into the body, from bleached products."
Blogger Grrl

"My biggest green tips would be to eat lower on the food chain, carry reusable bags and food containers with you. Walk everywhere and take short showers. Composting is pretty awesome and easier then you think!"
 Amber Zuckswert 

"Here at our aromatherapy studio, we diffuse essential oils into the air for natural, clean fragrance. Not only are synthetic air fresheners comprised of chemicals, their packaging creates a lot of waste. For essential oil diffusion, you only need a diffusing source such as a candle diffuser or nebulizer, water, and essential oil which comes in a very concentrated form. One bottle will last you a long time!!"
Kathleen McManus

"We replaced our old, cracked windows and noticed a dramatic change in heating bills this winter, plus we got the tax credit for making our home more energy efficient. Big investment, but a great time to do it!"
Sarah B.

"Enjoy a litter-free lunch! Get up 5 minutes early and make (or prepare the night before) a fresh, organic lunch and then pack it in a re-usable, recyclable container. Throw in a washable cloth napkin and you'll eat healthier while saving money and the environment!"

"We have a water catchment system we rigged for rain, we then use the water in the garden."
Sam Perry 

"My tip is to Install low-flow showerheads, faucets, and toilets."

"I started switching off my internet router and electronics at night. Since they're all on a power strip, it's as easy as flicking a switch to cut off phantom electricity drain. I also started lining my trash bins (in all rooms except the kitchen) with washable reusable bags. I just don't have many plastic bags lying around anymore. "

"We switched to a green trash hauler this year. The trucks are smaller, quieter, and more fuel efficient. The trash doesn't go into a landfill. It goes to a trash-to-energy facility and creates electricity. Ferrous metals are recycled. It even costs less than our old traditional trash hauler."
 Lee Hemming 

"Recycling is an easy way to make a difference. Starting you own compost for fantastic organic plantings is rewarding. Unplug. It not only help saves the planet but it cuts your electric bill down to size."

"Bring your own coffee cup to work instead of using the disposable one's. If you want to go even futher, use re-usable dishes and silverware at work as well instead of the paper and plastic ones provided by your office. This is a GREAT way to cut down your footprint."

"Val from IOWA: GREEN TIP is recycle old shoes/boots/sandals give to women's shelter & men's shelter!! OR give to any of the many international groups that send shoes to DARFU or ANYWHRE necessary!! THANKS :)"
Valerie (Val) Hirschhorn 

"In addition to using more reusable shopping bags lately, we recently purchased reusable sandwich and snack bags. Also, we use refillable water bottles rather than drink bottled water. I usually brew coffee at home, but when I do grab coffee on-the-go I skip the paper sleeve and use my handmade fabric coffee sleeve. It folds flat so it is easy to carry in my purse and perfect for both hot and cold coffees."

"Use cloth towels to dry your hands instead of paper towels" 
Evelyn Damptey

Thanks so much to everyone for your contributions and terrific ideas. We're pleased to announce our winner from the random drawing: 
Sarah B. 
Please email: orders(at) with your shipping info and "earth day winner" 
in the subject line. 

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