Tuesday, March 16, 2010

grapeseed co. product love

Thanks so much for the kind words and glowing reviews on our natural spa products handmade with certified organic ingredients! Check out these recent features and enter to win.

Smiling Green Mom
This super cute, informative site is doing a grapeseed co. give away as well! Enter in the next 3 days to win our
pink grapefruit ginger lotion
"I tried it. I love it. And best of all, it smells sooo yummy... I am so impressed with not only the products (Grapeseed Co.) sells, but also their mission and values as a company. They are very eco-consious and make 'being green' a priority."
~Lynn @ smilinggreenmom.com

Celebrity Makeup Artist in Hollywood
"I love the lavender rose toner, it makes your skin feel
fresh and
tightens the pores. I sometimes use this
over my makeup to refresh."

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