Thursday, March 11, 2010

beauty foods: spinach walnut salad

Beauty Foods are delicious, nutrient rich recipes to eat your way to healthy skin. Beauty Foods is a spin off on Fresh From Your Kitchen, bringing you the same format from our delectable DIY spa recipes to delicious food recipes that will lead to glowing, healthy skin from the inside out!

spinach walnut salad
organic baby spinach
1 crisp pear
1/3 C walnuts, broken into pieces
1/4 C crumbled gorgonzola or blue cheese
1T roasted walnut oil
1T champagne vinegar

~put 2 clean handfuls of spinach in a salad bowl
~add chopped apple or pear, cheese and broken walnuts
~toss with roasted walnut oil, champagne vinegar and S & P

makes 2 salads

Why it's healthy for your skin and body
Spinach is full of phytonutrients and flavinoids that have been linked in medical research to prevent and treat cancer cells. It's loaded with antioxidants and vitamins B, K,E, A & C, these vitamins are all known to help keep your skin and hair healthy. Learn more about the health benefits of spinach here.
Pears are rich in copper which helps fight free radical damage.
Walnuts are chock full of those amazing omega 3s and are a staple in the heart and skin healthy Mediterranean diet. We're lucky in Santa Barbara, there's this guy at the farmer's market that makes the most insanely delicious walnut oil. You should be able to find roasted walnut oil in specialty/health grocers.

A healthy complexion isn't rocket science. It comes from
a combination of what you put in your body
and what you put on your body.

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  1. thanks for really good post... although spinach and walnuts have been my favorite one.. but i have got one more reason to go for them

    weight loss

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