Saturday, January 16, 2010

a soapy conundrum...

I kicked off my Saturday with a cup of coffee and brisk walk to the office to whip up a few batches of Pink Champagne wine bar organic soap this morning because it's out of stock, again.
So are the Summer Crisp Chardonnay wine bar organic soaps...
These were hot items this holiday season. We got cleared out, made soap like mad and cured inventory. Then, the LA Times ran a story about our wine soap the Sunday after Christmas. Wine swirled soaps started dancing in my dreams...
Between that and pre-orders from our wholesale partners, we were wiped out in less than 1 week.
So, we're back to taking pre-orders for the wine bars. If you're interested in wholesale, you can apply here. We're psyched these new bars are so popular, and are blown away by how they're flying off the shelves. Why the delay, you ask? A lot of love goes into these bars.
herbs are brewed,
wine is corked,
they're whipped by hand,
and cure for 30 days.
then wrapped in a label that you can
plant in your garden and grow wildflowers
and packaged in a sheer fabric gift bag.

and great news, the harvest crush syrah wine bar organic soap
IS currently in stock
... this is luscious and rich for the the winter and super soothing and gentle on your skin. Enjoy! I'm off to order more soap molds :)

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