Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3 reflections on health & wellness

I'm not real big into resolutions, but I have been doing quite a bit of reflecting since 2010 began. I believe that health is so much more than exercise and diet. It's overall wellness- peace of mind, body and spirit that equal a truly healthy lifestyle.

Everything is a learning experience
Even in the yuckiest of situations, there's a lesson to be learned or a silver lining... sometimes it's just not obvious at the time. I've been looking back on the challenges of the past year, and where I am now because of them. I am a better friend, wife, businesswoman and person because of lessons I learned through difficult experiences.

friends are the family you choose
I'm an East coast transplant and have a large, close knit family back in the Boston/NY area. While I'm fortunate to have some family that has joined me out on the West coast, it's hard sometimes to be away from those who love and support you. After 8 years in Santa Barbara, I've found my friends here are my family. Surrounding yourself with positive people who love and value you is key wherever you may be- traditional family or not. These folks are your biggest cheerleaders; don't forget to let them know you are thankful for them. A good friend (who became my sister-in-law) is a great reminder of this. She's always saying how blessed we are. It's become a running joke, but in truth I do feel incredibly blessed to have her and all of my East and West coast family members in my life. They help me stay healthy, motivated, connected and so much more.
a few members of my East/West coast family

It's all about perspective
We all have something to be thankful for. Voice it. Let those who matter know you care and are there to support them. When sh*t hits the fan, perspective is the road to recovery. Focus on the positive in your life, and how to turn what may seem negative into a positive rather than dwelling on the issue, however challenging it may be. Sometimes you need those closest to you to help you see the light and gain that perspective. I'm so thankful for all those in my life that do so on a daily basis. Listen, be open and put yourself in others shoes. Perspective...what do you have to be thankful for?

When it comes down to it, you are the only one in complete control of your health and wellness. I'm coming back to these 3 reflections when I hit a bump in the road, which is bound to happen to us all in the coming year.

Beauty is a healthy mind, body, and spirit; it shows on your face when that balance is present.


  1. Great post, and your comments on perspective are right on.

    You know what I went through last year to get back to a place of positive physical and mental health. The keys are really wanting it, believing it can happen, and making the commitment.

    And, as you point out, it helps to be able to look at the hard times as learning experiences and see the positive in everything. Not easy for everyone, but necessary for sanity!

  2. Thanks for your comments Lisa. Many people around me have had me thinking a lot about this lately. Being a support to others is so important because we all have our bumps in the road. You are so right that making a commitment to change is key! Come to think of it, that's the key to a lot of things...