Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Quest for Green Sunscreen Part 2

Green Sunscreen Reviews
Back in the end of June, I blogged about the nasty ingredients found in many mass and specialty market sunscreens. This is a topic I've been researching and exploring for a while. As a surfer, swimmer, sailor and all around water person, I need solid protection from the elements, especially living in Santa Barbara. Given that I do what I do, I also want to make sure I'm not slathering myself in chemicals that can harm me in other ways.

I've tested out many natural sunscreens so far this summer, here's a run down on what I liked, didn't like and my all-around favorite. Keep in mind I wake boarded, surfed, sailed and swam as part of the testing process, so if your beach activities are a bit milder, the water protection comments may not apply to your specific sunscreen needs.

*All-Around Favorite: Korres Watermelon Sunscreen Face Cream SPF 30
what I loved...
+didn't leave me with a "casper the ghost face" like so many other zinc based sunscreens!
+product consistency: creamy, light after-feel on skin
+decent absorption for a mineral based sunscreen
+paraben, phthalate, petro-chemical, GMO free
+summery watermelon scent

what could be improved upon...

- like all zinc based sun protectants, it's only "water-resistant" which means reapplying frequently for maximum protection
- again, like all zinc based sunscreens, it takes a long time to rub in
- $28/for under 2 oz... while I did try this out once on my entire body, it should really just be reserved for your fabulous face!

Alba Botanica Aloe Vanilla Mineral Sunscreen SPF 18
what I loved...
+contains certified organic aloe and green tea
+no synthetic colors, paraben free, vegetarian ingredients
+around $9/4 oz

what could be improved upon...
- remember the casper comment? Prepare to look like a ghost. This leaves you with an all-over white cast. My sister tried it and commented, "Umm, no thanks, I'll take my chances with the chemical stuff!"
-fake vanilla scent is too heavy for a sunscreen
-like all zinc based sun protectants, it's only "water-resistant" which means reapplying frequently for maximum protection
- Took forever to rub in

Jason Sunbrella Complete Sunblock Spray SPF 26

what I loved...
+light, beachy coconut scent
+convenient and quick spray on application, although you still need to rub in
+no synthetic colors, paraben free, some certified organic ingredients
+around $10/4 oz

what could be improved upon...
- scent fades almost immediately
-need to reapply often, more than traditional creams. Like all zinc based sun protectants, it's "water-resistant"
-you have to rub it in very well! Remember, even though it's a spray, it's mineral based

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