Thursday, July 23, 2009

Acai: Eco-Beauty in a Bracelet!

acai berries grown in Brazil

My last post shared the fabulous skin care benefits of acai in Fresh From Your Kitchen: acai berry-oxidant facial mask

Today I'm bringing you another incredible "green beauty" use of acai; The Andean Collection's fair trade jewelry made with acai berries! Acai berries are known for their high antioxidant properties and are a sustainable, durable and natural alternative to synthetic beads commonly used in jewelry making.

The AC's socially conscious fashion creates fair trade jewelry that has enhanced the lives of its indigenous artisans. The AC shared the moving story of artisan Olga Lucia Moran:
Prior to making jewelry for The AC, Moran made her living by selling grain at the local market, where she made so little that she and her husband would often forgo meals to feed their three children. Based on just two jewelry orders, Olga was able to build an extra room in her two-room clay brick house and purchase a washing machine, after hand washing clothes for 26 years.

What I love about this bracelet (in addition to the company's fair trade and green practices) is the price point. At $22, this bracelet makes a fabulous green gift for any gal. The wonderful compliments I've received wearing it are pretty terrific too!

You can learn more about The AC and founder Amanda Judge here

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