Friday, June 5, 2015

Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is just around the corner and we all know dads deserve the best! We have a list of great gifts to choose from that he's sure to love. See even more ideas on our website here.


1) Create Your Own Custom Beard Oil, $22

Our new beard grooming oil with a custom scent blend and name or your choice in 2.3oz amber glass bottle. Perfect for those dad's with mustaches or mandible masterpieces! Helps promote fuller facial hair growth, tames those wily wires plus moisturizes the delicate facial skin that lies beneath.

Give him the gift of your creativity blended with our expertise, here!



2) Red & White Wine Bar Gift Set, $22

Two of our best selling Organic Wine Bar Soaps, Harvest Crush Syrah + Summer Crisp Chardonnay, paired together with a wooden soap holder in a re-usable sheer organza bag. 

Pappa loves his fine wine, now let him bathe with it, here!



3) Cali Sun Stick SPF 30, $12.99

Active dad's need to protect their skin just the same as the rest of us, that's where this handy Cali Sun Stick comes in. The beefy tube packaging makes taking sun protection with him easy as slipping it into a pocket or tossing one into the glove box. A natural formula that protects the man that you love!


Protect papa from those harmful UV rays, here!



4) Mojito Man Organic Shave Set, $45

Know he loves the Mojito Man line? Give him the full size products and watch him smile! Features 4oz shaving prep scrub, 9oz shave gel, 4.4oz moisture mist plus 2.3oz aftershave balm. 

Give him the goodies he loves, here.


5) Wine Soap Stack, $6.99

Quarter size cuts of four delicious Organic Wine Bar Soaps: Pinot Dreams, Spa'vignon Blanc, Summer Crisp Chardonnay & Harvest Crust Syrah. Perfect for the traveling dad to take on the road or as a way to discover and enjoy our Organic Wine Bar Soaps. 

Small but mighty, these quarter size bars will get the dirtiest of dads clean, here.



6) Pinotherapy Bath Tower, $29.99

The best way for an active dad to relax is with a good salt soak in a tub. Our Pinotherapy Bath Salts feature a quad-blend of relaxing, restorative salts combined with antioxidant rich ground organic pinot noir grapeseeds that will help a tired body to detox and rest: Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, pink Himalayan salt & Pacific Sea salt. Featured in the set with a wooden scoop, seasonal lip balm plus a travel soy massage candle to create the full spa relaxation, tub-soak experience!

Give him a day at the spa in his own home, here.



7) Vinotherapy for Him Gift Basket, $79

Our ultimate gift basket for dads: 8.8oz mojito man face & body wash, 4oz shaving prep scrub, 9oz shave gel, 2.3oz aftershave balm, 4.4oz surf vinotherapy lotion, and Harvest Crush Syrah Organic Wine Bar Soap all grouped together in a natural bark, wood basket. 


Give him a big 'ol gift basket of manly goodies, here!



8) Grapeseed Shower Set, $35

Just the basics, but the basics are good: 8.8oz hand & body wash, 8.8oz vinotherapy lotion plus a mesh loofah in a re-usable sheer organza bag. You choose the scent: Fresh Cut Herbs, Lemon Cake, Pink Grapefruit Ginger, Surf, Vanilla Almond Cinnamon or Sunshine Day.

Keep the man clean and moisturized, here.



9) Wine Country Amenities Set, $7.99

A travel set for father to keep him squeaky clean on the road: 1.5oz vinothairapy shampoo, 1.5oz vinothairapy conditioner, 1.7oz travel vinotherapy lotion plus a quarter size Organic Wine Soap Bar sliver.

'Tis the season of travels, give him a practical travel kit for cleanliness, here.



10) Mini Mojito Man Travel Gift Set, $32

A full Mojito Man shave set in all travel-friendly sizes. Featuring 2oz shaving prep scrub, 2oz shavel gel, 2.3oz moisture mist plus 2.3oz aftershave balm in a handy, sheer re-usable pouch.

A Mojito Man set that's built to travel (or for first time discovery of our product!). Find it here!


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