Wednesday, May 13, 2015

2015 Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award Winner!

the twelve 2015 winners, read more about them here

Our CEO and Founder at The Grapeseed Company, Kristin Fraser, made us proud this past Friday when she took home the 

2015 Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award 

 in Wholesale, Manufacturing & Global Trade!

Kristin's quote for the event & award she took home that night!

These are the most prestigious entrepreneurial awards for women entrepreneurs in Santa Barbara County, and Kristin was one among over 90 outstanding nominees up for awards that night.

So what are these awards all about? In their own words, "The Spirit of Entrepreneurship™ Foundation’s Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards™ are designed to recognize the contributions of outstanding women entrepreneurs in Santa Barbara County to the economy as well as to support future economic growth through the recognition, financial support, and education of student entrepreneurs."


The non-profit behind these awards, the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Foundation, has a mission to, "support entrepreneurship at all levels in Santa Barbara County," and hosts the yearly award ceremony as a means of carrying out this mission. In addition to honoring local women entrepreneurs, they provide the next generation of entrepreneurs with both recognition of their efforts thus far as well as with financial assistance in the form of both scholarships and seed capital to support the continuing efforts of these driven individuals.  

The Grapeseed Company is pleased to have been a part of this effort and honored that Kristin has been recognized for all of her exceptional qualities, not the least of which is her round-the-clock dedication to making our business ever the better, a true labor of love and the reason that we exist.

Congratulations, Kristin!

Kristin Fraser, winner of the 2015 Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award in Wholesale, Manufacturing & Global Trade. Visit her store online here!

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