Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Winter Skincare Survival Guide

It's that time of year again when cold rides in and brings its friends chapped lips and dry skin along for the ride.  But when the brisk winds blow and the cool, dry air starts to take its toll, look no further than to our natural moisturizing skin care and body products to stave off the skin dehydrating effects of winter!


Remedy for chapped, cracked or dried lips:

Seasonal Lip Balm 3 Pack $14.50

The Grapeseed Company signature lip balm formula will infuse a veil of delicate moisture into you lips without ever feeling waxy or heavy.  Natural flavors top a rich base blend of organic oils and butters to bring back those soft lips that the cold of winter takes away. Seasonal Lip Balms individually retail in various scents for $4.99 each or come in the value 3 Pack (pictured above) with a reusable hemp pouch for $14.50!

Sweet Lips SPF 15 Lip Balm $6.00

 If winter is your season and you're active out in the cold and sun, say on the ski slopes, then our SPF 15 protective lip balms are a perfect choice to not only moisturize but also prevent sun damage to your precious kissers. Choose from Coconut, Almond Cream or Sweet Lips (vanilla mint).

Key to preventing or recovering dry, irritated facial skin:

Cali Vine Face Cream $26.00

Our signature skin care line is full of hydrating goodies that will keep your skin dewy despite wintry or dry weather. The superfood rich formula in ultra hydrating Cali Vine Decadently Rich Face Cream is a perfect solution for shielding your skin with moisture and providing vitamins and nutrients to keep a happy, healthy complexion.

Avocado Grapeseed Facial Oil $18.00

The latest addition to our Grapeseed Facial Oil line, Avocado Grapeseed Facial Oil is especially great for thirsty skin as avocado oil is naturally humectant, meaning it actually helps to hold in and retain natural skin moisture, a feature that comes in handy with rehydrating severely dry skin. Paired with jojoba and grapeseed oils, this facial oil is a surefire way to battle the drying effects of winter. 

Vino Crush Face + Body Polish $16.00

If the weather has turned your skin into a dry, flaky dead zone, the best way to combat further dryness begins with shedding that top layer and starting again. Vino Crush Face + Body Polish is specially formulated brown sugar scrub with no added essential oil fragrances that gently exfoliates away the top layer of dried, dead skin and leaves a layer of moisturizing oils in its wake to hydrate the freshly exposed skin. Follow this scrub treatment with one of the above moisturizers for a full system of face moisturizing reboot!

Treatment for ashy elbows, knees and overworked hands:

Sunshine Day Sugar Body Scrub $11.99 4oz, $19.99 8oz

The same concept of removing dead skin to expose and moisturize underlying new skin on your face, as mentioned above, also applies to your body. Sunshine Day Sugar Body Scrub will cleanse and exfoliate dead skin away wherever you are dry and leave behind a shield of natural moisture all with an awakening scent of sweet orange and vanilla to brighten your day.  Other scents available in Sugar Body Scrub: Vanilla Almond Cinnamon, Lemon Cake.

Pinot Dreams Whipped Body Butter $14.00

In addition to renewing skin through a sugar scrub treatment, our Whipped Grapeseed and Shea Body Butters are the favorite choice for chasing away dry skin winter woes. 100% natural formula of pure oils and butters whipped until they create a decadent cream that will massage easily into any moisture-lacking area of the skin and continue to soothe for hours after application. Available in four vineyard blends: Pinot Dreams, Summer Crisp Chardonnay, Rosevine and unscented Spa'Vignon Blanc. 

Grapeseed Lotion Signature Scent 6 Pack $16.99

In need of moisture and don't have time to wait for it to absorb before getting back to business? Acquaint yourself with our Vinotherapy water-free lotions! Our aloe juice, grapeseed and coconut oil based formula readily absorbs into dry skin and won't leave any oily residue behind, making it the ideal lotion for those who need moisture on-the-go. Featured above in our Grapeseed Signature Scent 6 Pack, these handy travel sized lotions are each in 1.2 oz bottles that stash easily into pockets, purses, backpacks, fanny packs, travel bags, glove compartments, diaper bags, etc. so you can access the moisture you need, whenever and wherever you need it, with no fuss.  
This pack also is a great way to familiarize yourself with the six signature scents featured in our normal body care line so you know exactly which essential oil blend tickles your fancy when you go to buy larger sized products!

The Grapeseed Company wishes you a hydrated and healthy winter! Find all these great products and more here.


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