Tuesday, November 4, 2014

*NEW* Lavender Love Wood Box

NEW GIFT SET Lavender Love Wood Box
  For the true lover of lavender, we bring you this new set scented for total relaxation of body and mind. Lavender lip balm will take care of those chapped lip woes; lavender infused grapeseed oil can be used to remove makeup, moisturize face and body, in a relaxing massage or added to a bath for a steam treatment; lavender body & belly balm will soothe rough or dry skin; clear headed roller ball treatment will aid in overall stress relief and help ease the pain of a headache; lastly, the lavender bud sache can be toted around in a bag, car or anywhere else to put off that lovely lavender essence when squeezed. 
Give the gift of lavender with this set, packed up in a re-usable natural wood box!


 100% natural ingredients
TSA approved for onboard travel
re-usable wood box
made with love in CA

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