Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Grapeseed Co. Skincare : Fresh from the Vineyard to Your Face

Here at The Grapeseed Company, we source local wine waste as the antioxidant rich base of our entire product line. Fall marks harvest season in the wine world, which means we collaborate with wineries up and down the California and Oregon coast to source red wine grapeseeds. This morning, my friend and Whole Foods Market Forager, Stacey, and I drove up to the Santa Ynez Valley to visit Bernat Winery and Vineyard for a grapeseed pickup.

Here's a peek inside our day and a little behind the scenes view of how we bring your fresh, vineyard to face organic skincare and bath products!

Here I am on the Bernat Vineyard grounds, checking out the grapes...

Meanwhile, Sam and his team have been pressing off syrah grapes this morning,

and have created this wine waste from the process of squeezing
juice from the grape.

The red wine seeds are amazing for your skin! They are concentrated with potent antioxidants and a powerful polyphenol, called resveratrol, that are the base of our product line at The Grapeseed Co. 

We take the wine waste back to our facility in downtown Santa Barbara, and go through a process of prepping the seeds for use in over 100 different skin care, bath, body, soap, hair care, men's skin care and baby products.
Harvest Crush Syrah Wine Soap
Bernat Winery is owned by Sam and Shawnda Marmorstein, who also own the delicious Los Olivos Cafe and Wine Merchant (a must stop in Los Olivos!) You can find Grapeseed Co. products at The Los Olivos Wine Merchant, and in the lovely vacation rentals they have on their vineyard... 

check out the gorgeous view! Plus a peek inside one of the vineyard cottages, where you will find this comfy bed looking out on the view above

...and the bathrooms stocked with Grapeseed Co. products!
Stacey and I having a little selfie fun in the mirror :)
 It's pretty neat to see full circle, the source of the products right outside the window. This soap is literally made with the seeds from
the vineyard you are staying at.

How cool is that?!

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