Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fresh Perspective from Paris: What's on Your Love List?

This week I'm posting from Paris, France on a real vacation! When I highlight the word "real", it's because for the past decade, about 90% of my travel that has not had to do with family obligations has been Grapeseed Co. related.

It's so wonderful to get a fresh perspective and not try to squeeze a few hours of rest or fun in at the end of an intense business meeting, speaking engagement or grapeseed pickup on a vineyard!

Grapeseed has brought me to some amazing places around the globe and presented me with wonderful travel opportunities, but this week has reminded me how important and healthy it is to take time for myself away from The Grapeseed Co. I am very thankful to have family that came to vacation in Santa Barbara and take care of our home and pup while we're away, and a wonderful team that I can rely on to run Grapeseed while I take a much needed time-out.

I still don't manage to completely unplug on vacation, but my strict one hour of necessary work a day (be it checking in with our team via email or making a skype call to seal a deal) has been extremely refreshing. It's made me focus on my own personal health and well-being which, like many entrepreneurs, can sometimes take a backseat to the growth of the business. It's also made me realize Grapeseed can run just fine without me being a part of it 24/7... imagine that :)

Some of this personal reflection has not been easy, and it's hard to admit to yourself when things need to change. I've grown more this week than I have in a long time, and also gained a deeper understanding of who I am at this point in my life, how lucky I am to do what I love, and how refreshing a non-grapeseed vacation can be for ideas to bloom!
gorgeous and abundant blooms at the open air markets
Women tend to take care of everyone before themselves. I believe this is especially true for women who are entrepreneurs and running growing businesses. It's OK to stop and take time for yourself! It's healthy.  It's a GOOD thing, and it can make you an even better leader, and person!

The most important thing this vacation has taught me is that whatever your stressors may be, no one else will make "you time" unless you make a point to prioritize it for yourself. So here I'll share with you how I plan to continue this revelation in the crazy, beautiful and hectic life I lead growing Grapeseed back in Santa Barbara...

Make a list of what you LOVE to do. It can be anything, and it doesn't have to cost any money, so no excuses! It just has be things you love that bring you joy.

Some examples from my list are:
1. make a delicious meal
2. go for a hike
3. garden, pick or buy flowers
4. walk on the beach
5. catch up with an old friend
6. go surfing!
7. snuggle with my dog
cuddling up with my French lab friends that live right below the apartment we are staying in
 When I return home, I'm going to make a point to do at least one thing on my LOVE LIST per day. It's easy to say we don't have time, funds, or make other lame excuses, but it can also be simple to make what you love a priority, if you let it.

We are all the masters of our own destiny, so I encourage everyone to make their own LOVE LIST. Make it a priority and in turn, it will reward you with being healthier, happier and (dare I say) more successful :)

So... what's on your love list?


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  1. Love this! SO glad you are having a wonderful, relaxing and eye-opening time on your vacay. Paris is beautiful...:-) Have a fantastic trip!