Wednesday, August 21, 2013

it's almost harvest time. . .

As we come to the end of summer, we roll right into another 
"favorite season" here in California -- harvest season! 
This is the time of year that vintners start to pick grapes and determining when to pick is a fine art in the wine making process. This is also the time of year we start gearing up to gather our grapeseeds.

Scenery in front, back and both sides on the back roads between Sonoma and Napa Valley... Grapes as far as the eye can see! 

Here at The Grapeseed Company, we have taken what's recently been coined as the "farm to table" concept to our handmade bath & body products since 2004. We create unique, antioxidant rich "vineyard to skin care" from our local resource here in California wine country. As we've grown, one of the biggest challenges has been projecting out growth and making sure we have enough seeds to get through the production year. We source red wine varietal grape seeds throughout California and Oregon to make our botanical beauty products. Pete and I recently visited many other wine country regions to expand our sourcing in California. Our trek to Napa, Sonoma, Russian River, Dry Creek Valley and some lesser known AVAs was educational on the different grape varietals we include in Grapeseed Co. products. While most of our products contain mixes of different grape varietals, certain products highlight the specific wine varietal...

syrah grapes, ripe for the pickin' which starts next week! 
find it in: 
harvest crush syrah wine bar organic soap
merlot grapes, these will stay on the vine longer before harvest. Much bigger clusters on merlot vines!
find it in: 
Vino Gel Foaming Facial Cleanser
Pinot noir gapes a few weeks away from harvest. Grapes taste slightly sweet with big crunchy seeds- what we love here at Grapeseed Co.
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Vino Lux Pinot Dreams Lotion with argan, avocado + grapeseed
Savignon Blanc grapes, growing overhead on a pergola. This varietal is also picked early in the harvest season.
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Spa'vignon Blanc whipped body butter
Stay tuned as we share more of our grape sourcing throughout the 
2013 harvest season!

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