Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Featured Retailer: American Bather

The spotlight on our fabulous wholesale partners continues! Next up is another great online retailer, American Bather. If a huge assortment of natural and organic bath & body products is what you want, this is the website for you! Owner Camille Walker has hand-picked a line of products from manufacturers all across the US to bring to you a variety of products each unique to their geographical location and botanical selection. Camille answers our questions on what makes her online bath & body business different from the rest...
1. Tell us about American Bather.
American Bather is an online retailer which specializes in natural and organic bath and body products which are made in the United States. We retail from a dozen different American companies from all across our great country and are proud to support the American economy by keeping all business within the United States.Our selection of ecologically sound skin care and bathing products are a responsible choice for a healthy lifestyle. It is our aim to inform our customers of the benefits of choosing natural and organic products over the mainstream synthetic products. 
American Bather founder Camille Walker and her husband Brian

2. What makes American Bather unique?
American Bather is different because our focus is on American-made products. When we chose the companies which we would retail from our criteria was clear; they had to be American companies and they had to have a unique feature which would intrigue our customers. For example, The Grapeseed Company was one of our first choices because of their unique products which use Vinotherapy, they are an American company and because of their green focus on their products. All of the companies we retail have unique features which provide our customers with a spectrum of American-made products that are will please any palette.

3. How have you taken the initiative to become a greener business?
In founding our business we looked for the best green ways to do business. We use only recycled materials for packaging and encourage our customers to recycle the containers they receive. We give the customers the option of emailing them their receipt instead of printing one, which has had a great response. We also choose manufacturers which use recyclable containers or recycled material in their packaging.

4. What is your best selling Grapeseed Co product?
Our best selling Grapeseed Company product is the Mojito Man Shaving Gel, the scent of lime and mint is refreshing and appealing to both genders. The Grapeseed Company's Mojito Man line is the only line for men that we carry and it has surpassed expectations. We have found that men are happy to find something just for them but both genders love this line. 

5. What is your personal favorite Grapeseed Co product?
It's hard to pick just one, but if forced we would say that our personal favorite of The Grapeseed Company is the Summer Crisp Chardonnay bar soap, the scent is like a summer day and is so refreshing to the senses.
 Check out all of American Bather's products by going to their website www.americanbather.com
Camille Walker (Founder)
American Bather LLC
Phone: (856) 405-9577
Email: admin@americanbather.com

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