Wednesday, February 13, 2013

fresh from your kitchen: winter chamomile oat soak

Feeling dry, itchy, cracked and chapped all over? Cold weather and drying heat and can rob your skin of moisture and make this time of year a bit uncomfortable... Here's a quick and easy DIY spa treatment you can make at home to soothe your skin, relax and warm up a bit during the chilly season!

winter camomile oat soak 

1/4 cup dry oats
1 bag chamomile tea
2 to 4T lavender infused grapeseed oil
1T honey powder

~pulse and grind oats to a medium-coarse grain powder in coffee grinder or food processor
~add remainder of dry ingredients (all ingredients except lavender grapeseed oil) and mix well
~add lavender grapeseed oil to running bath water, add dry ingredients to water. Hop in, relax and enjoy! Follow with an indulgent full body scrub for silky smooth skin.
~hop out of the tub, lightly towel off and apply a rich body butter or vinotherapy oil to lock in moisture. You can use the lavender grapeseed oil again for this, or for super dry skin try a whipped body butter with grapeseed, shea and acai or luscious lavender balm.

what it does
chamomile is known to have therapeutic anti-inflammatory properties, and to soothe extremely dry skin. Chamomile is also known to have relaxing effects.

honey this sweet treat helps attract dirt, oil and clean skin with breakouts. Bees release a glucose enzyme when creating honey that is a natural antiseptic and has antibacterial properties. When applied topically, it draws body fluids and nutrients to the area assisting in cell growth and scar prevention. Learn more here.

oatmeal is a natural, soothing exfoliant known for it's calming and anti-inflammatory properties. It also has astringent qualities but is gentle enough for sensitive skin. It helps to draw oil and impurities out of the skin.

lavender has so many amazing properties. It's calming, antiseptic, antibacterial and has been know to soothe skin, help treat acne, scarring, winkles, burns + sunburns, eczema and psoriasis. Lavender is known to have relaxing benefits in aromatherapy.

20-30 undisturbed minutes soaking priceless! start to finish, this will take you only 25-35 minutes, it's indulgent (and affordable)... so get going :)
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