Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Featured Retailer: The Santa Barbara Company

We continue the spotlight on our valued wholesale partners in 2013. Next up is another company native to Santa Barbara. In fact, they truly embrace all things Santa Barbara and are aptly named The Santa Barbara Company! The Santa Barbara Company is an online market featuring the best from local artists, artisans and merchants. They carry everything from lavender infused jam to local organic olive oil.  This is a great go-to website if you want  a slice of Santa Barbara to keep or share with someone you love. Operations Manager, Caroline Law, explains a little more about this fabulous online business...
 1.  Tell us about your online store... The Santa Barbara Company is an online store selling products created by fantastic regional artists, artisans and merchants. We are a mother-daughter duo and with the help of family and friends, we have launched this company. On the site we have a blog and a feature section for our vendors. We are still learning, but it is always fun and rewarding. 

2. What makes your store unique/different? We focus exclusively on small regional businesses. This means that you are directly supporting the innovators and artisans in our area. The concept for the website spawned out of an appreciation for all that the area has to offer and the wonderful people behind the products. Since we launched just a few months ago, we have developed strong relationships (and friendships) with so many of our vendors.  Our goal is to help people discover the incredible local products on the central coast. 
3. How have you taken initiative to become a greener business? Local is ultimately an environmental cause, as much as it is a social or cultural one. When we choose local, we reduce the distance our products must travel to reach us. But we believe that even for our out of state customers, our products are still an environmentally positive choice. We source environmentally friendly and organic products whenever we can and encourage our vendors to provide more environmentally conscious products. Our company's goal is to bring the convenience of shopping online into the realm of the local, organic and artisanal. 

4.  What is your best selling Grapeseed product? Close tie between the Harvest Crush Syrah Wine Bar Soap and the Sweet Lips lip balm. They're both fabulous.  
5.  What is your personal favorite Grapeseed product? Probably the Mojito Man Shower Set. We gave it to a friend for Christmas and he is incredibly smitten with it. He says the smell is subtle but it stays with him throughout the day and smells even better on than in the bottle. We think so too!
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Business Address: 1226 1/2 State Street. Ste. 3. Santa Barbara, CA 93105


  1. This is very new idea for me especially wine bar soap.

    1. we use local wines and grapeseeds to create our wine bars. Yes, they are very unique along with being wonderfully moisturizing organic soaps!