Wednesday, August 1, 2012 summer lip balm flavors!

 Two new yummy, summer inspired flavors to enjoy in our seasonal lip balm tubes!
TINTED | Lemon Honey
Made with Lemon Essential Oil and a naturally derived honey fragrance plus a sweet touch of local honey :) with a peachy-golden mineral shimmer

CLEAR | Mango Melon
Juicy, sweet, ripe mango dripping down your chin, expertly blended with refreshing, crisp melon. Delish!

New lip balms are available for both wholesale and retail purchase online and at our Santa Barbara and Carpinteria Stores. Remember, the seasonal lip balm tubes will change when we sell out, so grab them while they're super fresh!
Flagship Boutique & Scent Bar | Santa Barbara, California
OPEN Monday-Saturday 10:30-5:30
201 W Carrillo St. at De La Vina in downtown Santa Barbara

Warehouse Store | Carpinteria, California
OPEN Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10:30-5:30
4193 Carpinteria Ave #9 Exit Carpinteria Ave, beach side before downtown
SALE SHELF with new features daily, only at the warehouse!

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  1. Last night i was searching lip balms with flavors. I've gone many of websites but your balm's collections are outstanding and very inspired me. Thanks for the post..:)