Friday, August 17, 2012

new release: Cali Vine Decadently Rich Face Cream

{fresh release} Cali Vine Decadently Rich Face Cream
Want that grapeseed glow? Smooth & hydrate your beautiful complexion, 
Cali style! This natural, anti~aging wonder cream is packed full of California fresh ingredients like avocado, carrot, blue-green algae, rose and (of course) grapeseeds! Cali Vine has a rich, velvety consistency and deliciously fresh essential oil blend. Feed your skin the ultra rich synergy of fresh, antiaging botanicals. 
available in our stores and online, as well as for approved wholesale partners.

Flagship Store & Scent Bar 
 201 W Carrillo St. Santa Barbara, CA    
OPEN: Monday through Saturday 10:30-5:30 
Warehouse Store 
4193 Carpinteria Avenue #9 Carpinteria, CA 
OPEN: Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10:30-5:30


  1. Hi,
    My skin is dry and sensitive please tell me this face cream is suitable for my skin...

  2. This Cali Vine cream is so sweet but is it useful for all types of skin.Actually skin is very sensitive before I use it once want to confirm from myside.

  3. hi, yes the cali vine cream is great for sensitive skin. You should always look at the ingredient list yourself to make sure you are not allergic to any of the natural ingredients. We list all ingredients for each product on the product page, just click the "ingredients" tab to view