Wednesday, February 29, 2012

join us Saturday for Scrub-apalooza at The Grapeseed Co.

Eco~ Beauty Classes at The Grapeseed Co. 
are a great way to customize your own product &
learn tricks and recipes to blend your creations at home! 

In this class you'll create 2 custom large scrubs and learn about the benefits of certain clays, herbs, essential oils, flowers and more! You'll make 2 different jars of scrub (10oz each) to take home plus simple DIY recipes for even more scrubs!

Register online for a spot:
Saturday March 3, 2012
time: 4:00-5:30PM class with refreshments, chatting & fun!
location: The Grapeseed Company 201 W Carrillo St. in downtown Santa Barbara

~You may also call our store at (805)456-3655 to register. 
~Only registration reserves your spot and there are just a few left!


  1. Scrub-apalooza has gotta be the best name of an event I have ever heard! Do you guys move around much and if so will you ever consider coming up to Canada?

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