Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Decor Grapeseed Style: DIY Grapevine Jingle Wreath

The store does not have the floor space for a proper tree this year, but we had a fun time coming up with other ways to decorate this holiday season! We created two beautiful wreaths for The Grapeseed Co. boutique today. First, I'll share directions for our Grapevine Jingle Wreath, created with upcycled grapevines, festive bells and a splash of creativity!

Grapevine Jingle Wreath
 You'll need:
bells (we used 2 different sizes)
a wire wreath frame
dried grapevines
decorative berries or beads
clear fishing line
~Wrap the grapevines around the wreath frame, weaving in and out for your desired shape and size. I worked on bending ours until it framed the Grapeseed Co. logo on our door perfectly. You can also buy a pre-made wreath created from dried grapevines at a craft store like Michael's.
~String the fishing line through each bell and attach in randomly spaced spots around the wreath.
~wrap the berries around the vines, filling in spots that look bare after adding the bells.
~Hang and enjoy! We love this on our entry door because it jingles every time a customer comes in!

Next week I'll share instructions for wreath #2.... 
 Lucinda turned a traditional green wreath into a 2-sided window display that looks beautiful outside the window and inside the shop!

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