Monday, May 2, 2011

who's day can you make today?

To say it delicately, I haven't had the best Monday. I won't bore you with the details, but it makes what comes next even more special...

I left to pick up Surf, my large black lab who you've probably met if you've been to our store. He also graces the presence of our Dirty Dog Organics labels. Surf always makes me smile, so I went home for lunch to bring the happy lab back to the shop. When I arrived back, there was a postcard from Bulgaria on my desk.

Bulgaria?? Here's what it said:

Dear Kristin,

Hello, this is April D. I helped out in your class at El Camino Elementary and I asked you to write me a recommendation for the Peace Corps and you did, thank you so much for doing that! I've been serving since May of last year here in Bulgaria. I can't thank you enough! I found your company's website and will send this to your work address. Looks like your company is doing great! That is so awesome. Best of luck! You've helped me pursue my dream and It's awesome to see you are doing well with yours!
"hello" is "drasti" "how are you is "kakcee"

April only worked with me for a few months in 2008. I was in my last year of transitioning to working full time for Grapeseed Co. and building enough of a salary base so that I could make the leap (and my house payments, since we decided to make the big plunge into home ownership in Santa Barbara the very same year). It was a stressful time to say the least. I was also in a job share and only teaching 2 days a week, so my time with April's help in my combo 3/4th grade class was even more limited. Even though she only came in while I was there a few times, I will never forget her smile and the help she provided! The kids loved her. She was a fabulous America Reads tutor in my combo class, where I had multiple English as a second language students and kids still struggling to learn to read. I will never forget April, and am so glad that I've had a small positive impact in her life.

Thank you so much for making my day April! Your postcard is the first thing going up on our huge cork board wall we're working on finishing up at the store :)

Who's day can you make today?


  1. I LOVE this story! There are so many people who have made a difference to me...thank you for reminding me to tell them that and "make their day," too! Imagine how much better every day would be if we all did this regularly?

    And incidentally...I LOVE that cork board, too! Awesome!!

  2. thanks Emily, I know, it's so easy to forget to thank people and a great reminder that the quality of time you spend with someone really matters...
    and thanks on the cork board! We have over 400 corks on there and it's only 1/2 done. fun thing is many people's cork contributions bring good juju, good memories and good times to The Grapeseed Co.'s home base!

  3. That is wonderful, Kristin. What a great reminder of how blessed you are, and what timing too! Here is April letting you know you were a positive influence on her life, and she gets to pay it forward -- without even knowing her sentiments would come on a day when you need it most. Thanks for sharing this. By the way, the cork board looks fabulous. I look forward to visiting Santa Barbara again, and your shop on my next visit!

  4. Thanks Donna Maria, yep, good point- paying it forward pays off :) I hope to see you in CA (or somewhere else) soon. Thanks for your comments!

  5. This story was a pick me up for my day as well! The smallest thoughts of gratitude always seem to come at the right time (: I've only been to the Grapeseed twice so far (once so that my boyfriend and I could purchase Mother's Day gifts!), but I'm so happy I stumbled across your store!

  6. hi "the glistening pearl" thanks for stumbling by our blog too and taking the time to share your comments. You are so right about timing... Beautiful earrings btw, my favorite color!

  7. This is happiness!

    I love this, you performed a simple act (the reference), she moved forward, and helped others in a way that impacted them, and impacted her. You helped someone affect positive change--there is nothing small about that!

    Grapeseed gal, that is pretty great!

  8. Jackie, thanks so much for your kind comments. I'm so happy I took the time to write that reference. I was beyond overwhelmed at that point in my life, but she always brought a smile to my face- just seeing how the kids reacted to her. Even though it was under 10 times she came into class & helped out, it made an impact; I really appreciated it!