Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Giveaway (times two!!!)

At Grapeseed Co. we've always taken the approach that every day is earth day. We encourage and live by simple ways you can make little changes with a big impact.
(Read more about how we do this here)
Need some inspiration? Here's a great list we shared on Earth Day in 2009 and every single one is still a good recommendation today.
what's your green idea?
Tell us what little change are you planning on making
and enter to win one of two
Grapeseed Organic Skin Care Starter Sets!

This is a special day two times over;  
Freebie Friday falls on Earth Day
We're celebrating by offering a free product with purchase
Here's how it works...We'll select an item in your order and include 2 of them instead of one!

1. Leave a comment below or on facebook with your simple change to make less impact on the earth. You'll be entered in the Skin Care Set Giveaway.
2. Shop now through the weekend. You'll automatically receive the Freebie Friday Special in your shopping cart with your order over $25.

the rules:
~We're opening this up to everyone, wholesale and retail customers.
~we will ship to earth day giveaway winners in the continental USA. If you live outside the USA you will need to pay shipping charges.
~Earth Day Giveaway and freebie Friday Special valid Fri. 4/22-Sunday 4/24/11 midnight.
~Freebie Friday item is our pick, we will no be able to honor requests.


  1. Instead of using plastic bags to store vegetables in make ones out of muslin or old tee shirts.

  2. Our family is so excited to try to compost this year and I would love to get a rain barrel!!! Great contest Grapeseed - you guys rock!!! :D

  3. I plan on using glass more and buying in bulk more for less packaging waste. I send my daughters lunch in glass containers now instead of plastic or throwaways. She also has a cloth napkin and a reusable water bottle. It's fun finding ways to help the earth!!!!

  4. We are attempting to grow our own mini garden this year! We just planted tomatoes and a grapeseed co. soap wrapper (separately!) today and are excited to watch them grow. :)