Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Being an entrepreneur brings many challenges and rewards. One of the difficulties of growing a small business from the ground up is finding the right players to be on your team. Not everyone that "tries out" is a fit, and sometimes people that join your team aren't always a match either. When you're wearing many entrepreneurial hats, managing people is another hefty cap to add to the stack, and not one you're always eager to wear. Finding flexible, hard working people who are invested in the growth of the company and share your values is a challenge, to say the least. Especially when you can't always offer the monetary rewards you'd like to show your team just how much you value them.
 Last night I ran across a great post by Mike Michalowicz (of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur) on the American Express OPEN Forum: 51 Ways To Reward Employees Without Money. Things have been crazy lately, and I'm so thankful for our Grapeseed team right now! It was such a great reminder that little gestures and telling someone how you appreciate them are an incredible, effective and easy things you can work into the juggling act of being an entrepreneur. There were some fabulous ideas that I'm ready to put into action today... my Thankful Thursday :)

Check it out, it's worth the read! And I'd love to hear ways you show gratitude to those you are thankful for...

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  1. I like that 51 Ways To Reward Employees Without Money article. Employee compensation is always a problem of start ups because of their limited resources. It is a relief to find out that not all people are after the money in their work.