Monday, March 14, 2011

new releases: virtual scent bar products!

Our self scent bar at the Santa Barbara store is a popular place to hang out. Where else can you create and name your own custom gift starting at just $12 bucks? It's also been a fabulous place to test out products and see what we'll add to our online offerings. We have 4 new product releases you can customize with your favorite Grapeseed Co. Signature Scent or create your own concoction! Blend with over 50 different steam distilled essential oil or phthalate free fragrance oil choices!


  1. This looks fantastic. What fun it must be to hang out at your scent bar. I'm jealous. And aside from how much fun it surely is, you look FABULOUS in the photo! When I get to Santa Barbara again, your scent bar is the first place I'll go!

  2. thanks Donna Maria :) We're all having fun experimenting with new scent blends!