Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a peek inside the store: a few new creature comforts

We're constantly adding new things to the store, sometimes it's products, classes, our new party menu, or just things to make it comfy and a place you'd like to hang. We just spent a few hours this weekend sprucing up the store and adding some more creature comforts... check it out
 As many locals have seen (and commented) our parking lot has been busy lately. The construction next door is finally done and all of our neighbors are now open! We've reserved a few spots in front of our store for you all; there is also 90 min. parking on the street. We're also waiting on approval from the city for our awning and permanent sign... adventures in being a small business in SB :) Keep your fingers crossed we'll see it up this spring, we've seen plans and it's going to be beautiful!
We love the scent bar. 
You love the scent bar. 
Kids love the scent bar... now they can reach it! 
We have a great new stool to boost little ones up 
to mix their soapy concoctions.
 we added some furniture to lounge, hang out and read magazines while your friends blend at the bar.
Mr. Dirty Dog Organics, Surf, AKA "the greeting committee"
now has a place to lounge next to you.
The last cheery little upgrade is to the back office. I found this beautiful quilt my mom made in storage this weekend and decided to give it a new home. It's happy and inspiring colorful pattern has been bringing smiles to the office... that's always good, right?

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