Friday, February 11, 2011

eco-friendly refill love program for Santa Barbara!

Introducing our new locals only: refill love program! Purchase a beautiful cobalt glass bottle (with the topper of your choice: pump, flip cap or spray) and we'll fill any of our products in it for 15% off the retail price, every time you refill it! This is a pretty kickin' deal, because you can pick up the 4oz bottle for just $2.50 and the 8oz for $3.50, and you can use them at the scent bar!

We love our Santa Barbara community. We love how eco-conscious, thoughtful and caring you are too! Since we've opened the store, many loyal customers have questioned why we don't package more products in glass, like we do with some of the products in our facial line. We use PET recyclable plastic for our bath & body packaging for many reasons, but here's the main one: large glass bottles  are heavy, and prone to breaking in shipment...($$$) Since we grew to where we are today as a wholesale and online retail business, this does not work for the majority of our customers.

We also don't recommend refilling your plastic bottles for contamination reasons. Glass bottles are perfect to refill because you can easily sanitize them before bringing them in. Run them through your dishwasher or sanitize in a pot of boiling water.

We love ya SB! Oh, and we have a whole table of 15% off Valentine's gift sets at the store too this weekend...

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