Monday, January 3, 2011

What a difference a year can make!

2010 was an amazing year of change for us, with so many exciting turn of events it's hard to believe looking back on things that it all happened in just one year... 
(which might explain why I keep asking people where 2010 went!)

At exactly this time last year, we were over the moon thrilled to be moving The Grapeseed Co. into a "real" office building. We could not have done this without the incredible team at Rightscale, a cloud computing company who let us sublet some unused space and set up a production kitchen and office in their new office building.
Just shy of six months later, we signed on the dotted line to open the first Grapeseed Co. store in downtown Santa Barbara. My handy hubby spent his summer break (he's a high school teacher) helping me plaster, build, paint and create the lovely oasis that is both our current storefront and manufacturing facility. It's been 4 months since we've opened our retail doors and it still brings a smile to my face each morning when I walk in. (Maybe I'm smiling just a bit because I know we will not be moving the business twice in 2011 like we did in 2010!)

We added some incredible members to The Grapeseed Co. team. We are so thankful to be working with such talented, kind, smart, eco-conscious people each day.

I joined forces with Lisa Rodgers of Cactus and Ivy to launch Personal Care Truth (PCT)- a cosmetic information portal based on science backed info, not scare tactics. In 7 months we've added 12 experts in various facets of the cosmetics industry from all over the USA to Europe & Australia. We've taken the approach that sharing scientific info and discussing it is not only a huge positive for those in our industry, but for everyone who uses personal care products. Consumers can ask the experts in the industry questions and get real answers about what they are putting on their skin rather than sifting through the false marketing claims and misinformation that is plaguing the internet and other forms of media lately.

We launched Baby g, Whipped Grapeseed Body Butters, Body Washes and additions to our Mojito Man, Wine Bar Organic Soap and Vinotherapy Skin Care lines, all because so many of you contacted us and asked to do so! In addition, I set up my little dream- a self scent bar in the store where you can create and customize your own natural skin care products. I also started teaching classes on making natural skin care and all its fabulous benefits.

Most of all, I am incredibly thankful to all of you for loving our products and spreading the word about us. None of these milestones would have been achievable without you. May 2011 bring you all you wish for along with peace, health & happiness.


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