Thursday, November 25, 2010

new release: mojito man aftershave balm

Smooth out your skin after a close mojito man shave! Mojito man aftershave balm is light in texture and absorption, but packs a serious punch hydrating the skin. Contains tea tree & Roman chamomile essential oils to help prevent ingrown hairs, while aloe and grapeseed soothe freshly shaved skin. Formulated with 89% organic ingredients and local antioxidant rich grape seeds. Oh, and did we mention the delicious scent? Handmade with love in Santa Barbara | $16
you can also find mojito man aftershave balm in our new gift sets for men:


  1. Nice stuff, Kristin! I love the tea tree and Roman chamomile combination. I've never used them in combination, and I bet they are nice together. Lots of women will be thanking you for the smoothly shaved men out there as a result of Mojito Man!

  2. thanks dM! It's fun to release some new products in our men's line. I've been surprised since opening the store how many male customers we have who take their skin care seriously!