Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thank You! Personal Care Truth or Scare

I'm thrilled to share the formal release of my new site in collaboration with my co-founder, Lisa Rodgers. We graciously thank you all for the amazing feedback and support and are psyched that is making the rounds in cosmetic and beauty industry news! Thank you to all my wonderful readers for confirming the need for truth in the cosmetic industry; for consumers to understand what's in their cosmetics and discuss their questions with industry insiders.

I'd like to thank the following fabulous folks for supporting us and writing about us:
Cosmetic Design: New website offers consumers product information based on scientific research
Inside Cosmeceudicals: Launched
Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild: Personal Care Truth or Scare, Information Based on Scientific Facts
Chemists Corner: New Source For Personal Care Science Information
Essential U: Personal Care Truth
Indie Business Blog: Personal Care Truth Launches!

Support Truth based on Scientific Research in Cosmetics. 
Visit Personal Care Truth and grab the badge!


  1. It's an amazing site, Kristin, and so needed in our industry. I am so excited that you and Lisa launched it, and am so impressed with how well organized everything is. Great job, and I am honored to be included!

  2. Thanks dM, we're so thankful to have you and all of the amazing experts aboard. We've gotten great feedback about the rockstar team that was assembled for the experts panel- thanks for being a part of it!