Tuesday, June 15, 2010

nostalgic soap nerd abroad

So here I am, smiling away because I am on my first “real vacation” in 3 years. By real vacation, I mean traveling for pure pleasure, outside of the USA, to a destination of our choice with just my hubby… and what did I get most excited about so far? SOAP…
The first little hotel we stayed at had a cute basket of delicious chocolate mint and orange oat HANDMADE SOAP! Yup- you can take the girl away from soaping, but soaping will always be a part of the girl!
We’ve moved out of the city to a small surf village that's very reminiscent of ports we stopped at on our 2-year sailing voyage 10 years ago. That epic traveling adventure was the inspiration behind starting The Grapeseed Co. and where I first studied and learned how to make natural bath & body products. While I snapped this shot on the deck of our current hotel, I got a bit nostalgic for the days of boat living, exploring and sailing to remote destinations. Good thing I grabbed those delish handmade Mexican soaps to use on the rest of our adventure- to remind me of the life Peter and I have created on shore! I love travel. I love soap. Life is what you make of it, and life is good.