Monday, May 17, 2010 is here!

Good Morning,

I  just launched a new website! My latest venture has been a labor of love and ultimately frustration with the crazy misinformation out there about what is safe in cosmetics and personal care products.

My good friend Lisa Rodgers, creator extraordinaire of Cactus and Ivy, and I have been collaborating for months on this massive project. Lisa contacted me one morning with an idea based on a dream. I could not have asked for a more solid partner to cofound the site with! Lisa shares my work ethic, passion, and need to spread the truth, based on scientific research when it comes to beauty products.

I invite you all to spend some time at Personal Care Truth. This site was founded by beauty industry insiders, but meant for YOU ~ everyone and anyone who is concerned about what they are putting on their skin. Personal Care Truth is not about scare tactics, generalizations, fear mongering, or hopping aboard what’s considered trendy at the moment. Personal Care Truth is about education, facts, questions, research, sharing knowledge, and empowering consumers to make the choice that’s right for their families. We believe it is more powerful to provide information to educate and empower YOU as opposed to scaring you with information that has not been backed by science.

Welcome to Personal Care Truth ; come meet and learn from our well researched contributors. World renowned experts share their knowledge and research in the industry.

One more person I must give a shout out to is Jennifer Smith of Eco Office Gals. Thank you so much for helping us build the site and being the wonderful, entertaining person you are. We could not have done this without you.

Have a fabulous Monday, and let us know what you think about


 BTW, You can also follow @PrsnalCareTruth on twitter.


  1. Kristin -

    I couldn't have asked for a better person to share my dream {literally} with. We are more alike than I had imagined and I'm looking forward to whatever Personal Care Truth brings!

    Rock on Uber Cool Surfin' Chick!

  2. Your new website looks great! So much information already, and it's nice to see level headed information being presented, with both sides of the story getting time so far. Thanks for starting your venture. Oh, and I love all of the resource links you have nicely provided in one place.

    Kathy Green

  3. Thanks Kathy, we'll have great new info on daily from all the contributors. It's very exciting!