Monday, April 19, 2010

fresh from your kitchen: minty margarita foot soak

Most of the country is warming up for sandal season! I happen to live in a place where flip flops are year round footwear. Pedicures can get a bit expensive, so I like to go once a month for a professional pedi, and have created some fun home pedi recipes for the times in between when my feet need a little cleaning up. Today's Fresh From Your Kitchen features a great recipe for step 1 of a favorite home pedi treatment. Enjoy beauties!

minty margarita foot soak
combine all ingredients with in a basin (big enough for both feet) filled with warm water.
1T epsom salt
1T sea salt
2 limes: cut 1 lime in half, squeeze juice into the basin. Thinly slice the remaining lime and add. 
a handful of fresh mint leaves, or 2 bags of peppermint tea 
         fresh mint: muddle leaves with mortar and pestle.
         mint tea: rip open tea bag and pour herbs into basin
Kristin's favorite spa at home pedicure   
step 1:
Prepare your foot soak. Find a comfy spot, plop your feet into the basin and relax with a good book for 10 minutes
step 2:
scoop a quarter sized amount of surf sea salt foots scrub in your hands and massage into feet focusing on rough areas like the your heals and pads of the feet. Work off calluses with our handy 4 in 1 pedicure tool (pictured right.) File toenails or clip if needed. Return feet to basin and rinse.
step 3:
pat dry; then apply surf lotion generously, massaging into your feet. Put on a pair of cotton socks and let the lotion really soak in for 10 minutes or so.
step 4:
remove socks and apply a little polish remover to your toenails. This removes the oils (from the lotion) from your toenails and will help the polish adhere better, therefore lasting longer.
step 5:
paint your toes with an eco friendly polish. 2 of my fav brands of non-toxic polish: priti and zoya

the sole surfer pedicure kit ($35) contains everything else you need for this treatment in addition to the recipe above. You'll get at least 20 pedis out of this kit, which is an unbelievable value at just $1.75 per pedicure!

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