Thursday, February 11, 2010

green living: cashmere gets a 2nd life

Sometimes I muse beyond eco-beauty, healthy living & green skincare. I've been on a kick to further my household reduce ~ reuse~ recycle efforts and am constantly dreaming up ways to live greener; I think this one is a "green beauty" as well....

As I was getting out my winter clothes this year (yes, we do have winter in Santa Barbara) I was bummed to find my favorite sweater was beyond repair. Being that it was also the first cashmere sweater I ever bought on my own, I could not bring myself to cut it up and throw it in the rag pile. So, I busted out the sewing machine this weekend and came up with a fun, quick way to
recycle it,
enjoy it daily,
and give it a second life
I decided to cover and existing pillow that had spent one too many days with the sun beating down on it. I measured the pillow and lay the sweater out to cut around the holes and tears in the cashmere.

I was able to make the cover using an existing seam. I sewed the 2 other seams inside-out and inserted the pillow form. I wanted to use the waistband with a decorative stitch to tie the color scheme in with my living room, so I selected a cute zigzag stitch (common on most machines) and thicker chocolate brown thread to give it some pizazz.

Now we've been enjoying it in the living room. The cashmere is super snugly to curl up to at the end of the day with a good book. A fabulous, eco-luxury that didn't cost a penny!
Mom would be proud :)


  1. We've done the same things with our sweaters after the darn moths got to them!!


  2. LOL- creative minds think alike! It works great it the holes are in the right spots :)

  3. Perhaps if I posted a sign in my closet,

    "Dear Moths,

    If you're going to eat my clothes, please review the illustration for the approved areas.

    At Your Mercy"

  4. Good idea :) They're all on board and have committed jpeg #1 to memory!