Monday, February 15, 2010

5 fabulous uses for rose & grape serum

this is the one product I really cannot live without,
and the main reason is it's variety of marvelous uses.

1. anti-aging treatment
First and foremost, it is a 100% natural anti aging treatment. Rich in the red wine polyphenols found in our grape seed extract & oil, it's combined with these antioxidant powerhouses: jojoba, rose & rosehip cold exepller pressed oils. This extraction method retains the highest content of natural vitamins and antioxidants in the botanicals. Add a potent blend of wild harvested essential oils that are known to aid in sun damage and wrinkles that smells amazing, is light but extremely nourishing, and absorbs quickly into the skin. On top of being 100% natural, the Rose & Grape Serum contains over 80% certified organic ingredients. Why doesn't it need preservatives? Simple answer: there is no water in the formula. Water causes bacteria growth, and is a cheap, filler ingredient. Every single ingredient is in there for a skin beneficial reason.

2. sensitive skin
It is great to target sensitive areas that are prone to signs of aging like the around the eyes, mouth and neck. You can layer it below moisturizer or use alone.

3. hand & cuticle treatment
I like to use a little extra and rub it into my hands (including the cuticles and nails) after applying to my face. The skin on your hands and face are the first areas to show signs of aging, and are constantly exposed to the elements.

4. facial moisturizer
I use the Rose & Grape Serum on my entire face twice a day. I started experimenting on myself with this product during the formulation phase a few years back. I rarely wear makeup on my skin because I don't have to anymore. This was not always the case- and, I do still love makeup! But it's mascara for my pale lashes and lip products now, which is pretty awesome and simple. I use to feel like I couldn't leave the house without layering on the mineral make-up to look like I had a decent complexion. The Rose & Grape Serum really does bring out your natural glow.

5. helps heal burns, scrapes & skin irritations
My final can't live without use is to apply it to burns, scrapes or skin irritations. I even have applied it to bug bites! It speeds the healing process and keeps my skin from scarring.

Our reviews on the website also tout it's amazing performance on a bald head, taking 10 years off the face and protecting against wind burn!

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  1. I use it during massage when I work on the face, followed by a steamy towel, then a mist with the lavender rose toner. Yummy!!