Thursday, November 12, 2009

new release: custom vinotherapy masks personalized for you!

The 3rd and final release from our new custom vinotherapy mask line, this innovative mask can be customized with our signature essential oil blends (EOs) for body care or botanical extracts like cucumber,honeysuckle and lavender for facial care! Available in a small 4oz vinotherapy mask-to-go pack, large 16oz jar and back bar gallon sizes for our spa partners.
A luxurious vinotherapy treatment designed for use from your toes to your nose, rich in age-fighting resveratrol from red wine extract and grape seeds. Let your skin drink in rosehips, vitamins and antioxidants, including polyphenols, which have been linked to anti-aging in medical research. Gentle clay detoxifies and purifies while moisture rich coconut & honey replenish you from head to toe. In less than a minute, you can mix up a fresh, custom mask for your specific skin care needs. Customize with your desired botanical extract for facial care or EO blend for body care.
The large 16oz jar comes complete with instructions and a mask brush wrapped up in a sheer organza gift bag. the vino-to-go mask arrives in a cute take out box with the mask, instructions and a fan brush for professional application. Both make a super sweet, personalized gift or pampering beauty treat for you to enjoy.

Learn more about your personalized botanical extract
and essential oil customization options

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